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Why we are doing, what we are doing…


A point of view…

LARP is the biggest stage in the world.
Uncountable events and participants have transformed castles, camp sites or even whole stretches of land into sceneries of extraordinary adventures. If you have ever taken part in one of those events, you will know how much those personal experiences can affect you. Sometimes it even feels like stepping into the world of a movie. We consider it our challenge to develop and produce the appropriate equipment for your very own “movie”.


A review….

As we have been LARPers for a long time, and have made equipment for many years, we know what is important for LARP products.
When we started going on LARP events in the 90s, our weapons were still made out of bamboo poles wrapped in pipe insulation and tape. There were very few “high-end” foam weapons with latex and our costumes were sewn by our mums. A chainmail shirt was being made at home with great dedication over many months and the rings did cost as much as a complete mail shirt today.

As you could buy hardly anything ready made, or only for a lot of money, we turned the necessity into a virtue and made most of the things ourselves at home. In 1997 Kai made his first steel armour and soon Hammerkunst was born from this idea.
Until the company was taken over by Mytholon in 2006, many steel and leather armours and the famous Hammerkunst LARP weapons were developed. Besides a large variety of costumes and props. The cooperation with Mytholon had mainly been focused on producing low price LARP equipment and making it available for the german and european market. A great part of the Mytholon products were developed by us and produced as good as possible in the far east.
In 2009 Freyhand was founded for business management reasons and we started expanding our work spaces to fulfil the demands of developing an increasing variety of Mytholon products.
In 2013 we started our LARP weapon workshop in Hamburg to manufacture pieces of the Mytholon range and to realize our own ideas. Due to conflicting views we split from Mytholon in July 2014.


A preview…

Now Freyhand is in the start-up phase and we are working very hard to develop LARP equipment, that will live up to be your favourite.

We do not want to make the most, but we would like to make the best equipment there is, for LARP. We are working with all our hearts and souls and we are really happy if our stuff is well received by our customers.
Because they like it, because it is durable and because it fulfils the requirements of LARP equipment especially well.

If you should be dissatisfied for any reason, please contact us via mail: support@freyhand.com

We can never be completely sure that nothing ever breaks or is damaged. In this case please write us and send a picture of the damage, so that we can find a solution. But do not forget that you have bought a LARP weapon. We are taking great efforts to make them as durable as possible, but we cannot take over a guarantee for inappropriate usage.


Who we are

The Freyhand crew consists of people who love playing LARP, costume design and special effects.

We are enthusiasts. We do not aim to get rich at any price. We aim to have a good time, spend it with something fulfilling and produce things that make other people happy.

We like craftsmanship and charming details. We like other people and our earth. We want to do something that is not shitty and that persists. That is why we manufacture our products with long-lasting materials, great care and beautiful design.

Nevertheless we also aim to make products affordable for everyone. Therefore we want to assemble a wide product-range. So that everyone will find equipment suitable to his or her taste and wallet. Only the ones who love what fills their day are able to achieve something outstanding.