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Dear customer,

we appreciate your interest in our LARP weapons. To optimize the order process we would like you to read through the following text and answer all questions thoroughly.


You would like to have a larp weapon made according to your own specifications and  individual requirements? Then we need some information from you:


1. Guidelines

You should look for suitable pictures of your weapon of choice. That can be drawings, a screenshot from a movie or video game, or for example a table top miniature. Another great source of inspiration are movie art books. They can be found under “the art of (movie x)” on the internet. Additionally you should take a look at our gallery, there might be one or another weapon that comes close to what you are looking for. You might also send us a picture of the costume the weapon should be suitable for. That can be helpful for us to find the right style for you.

Advice: You do not necessarily have to draw the weapon yourself, but this is often the best basis for us.


2. Description

According to your pictures we will make an individual offer to you. For this we need to know if your weapon should look exactly like your draft pictures or if they are just rough examples. This often makes a big difference.

Use the following classification for your weapon:

A weapon with a straight fibre core, a simple outline, a low level of details and standard coloration. The same applies for shields.

A weapon with a straight or curved fibre core, or a curved shield with a normal level of detail from our standard range (see gallery).

High End:
Extraordinary weapons or shields. Extremely rich in detail, pompous, showy, fancy, extreme, incredible…. If one of these is characteristic for your weapon you should chose this category. Unusual materials like fur, feathers or sackcloth etc. might be applicable.

Chose your style:

To make us understand what style you would like to have, it would be great if you chose a genre and some of the following attributes that best describe your weapon.

• High Fantasy
• Low fantasy
• historical, authentic
• Steampunk
• Apocalyptic and post-apocalyptic fiction
• Real time
• Sci-Fi
• Manga
• Gothic, Vampire
• Cuthulhu, Vintage, 20ties

• rustic
• exotic
• arisctocratic, posh, noble
• brutal, aggressive
• playful, elegant, detailed
• rusty, rough, scruffy
• magical • clerical, dignified


3. Price range

How much money are you willing to spend? Please do not hesitate to give us this information even if your budget is not that high. We will always try to find an adequate solution for you. For example your choice of category has a great influence on the price (Basis, Premium, High end).


4. Measurements and colours

Please think about the dimensions your weapon is supposed to have. Height, width and length are of course important but also details like, cross guard, length of the handle and hilt are useful specifications.
A short information about the coloration is also quite useful.


5. The handle

Usually our handles are weighted with lead and wrapped with leather. Is the handle supposed to have a certain colour or do you want to leave out the lead weights? Please let us know.


6. Date of delivery

The delivery time for our custom works is up to 16 weeks from the start of the order (receipt of advance payment). Depending on what part of the world you live in, delivery times may vary. If you have a precise date when you need your weapon to be ready for, please let us know. Depending on our current capacities your order can be treated preferentially.
Advice: Always plan one week more to be safe. We are eager to get every order done in time, but we can not guarantee for all eventualities.


 7. This is especially important for me

Is there anything we should know? Something that is very important for you?


Order process

Great that you have taken the time to read through and answer everything. Now send a mail with your briefing and contact dates (name, address, telephone number and times of availability, if not Europe: time zone) to Our workshop team will receive your order, make an offer as quickly as possible and tell you about the date of delivery.

Please note:
• We will not make an exact sketch of your weapon, as this costs a lot of time that we would rather spend on processing your order.

• To get your order started a prepayment of 30% of the total amount will be due. The exact amount will be delivered in the order confirmation


We are looking forward to your orders
Your Freyhand Team


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