From dream to reality – your custom order

You have a picture in mind, a dream you want to come true – and you want to know if we could do that. Before we get to the point of your Customwork, there are some informations for you.

The picture in your mind is something truly your own – we can not plug it from your mind. So your customwork most definetly will not be a 1:1 replica of your dream, but we have the skill and knowledge to capture the essence and spirit and will craft that to life. This also means that there may be colourvariations and that some specifications may vary. We do not craft for millimeter correctness but for the overall look, feel and style of a customwork.

Moreover foam and latex do behave differently than steel or the look of something seen in a video game. This means that there may be find threads or small crumbs or that we have to scale some details. This does not affect the spirit of the weapon or it‘s usability and is just due to the material we are working with.

We have two categories, weapons and shields. Please choose yours.

You are still searching for some inspiration? Take a look at our gallery!

Gallery of custom works