In this category you find materials you can use for your own projects, e.g. fibreglas rods, foam and latex for LARP weapons. From time to time we will add manuals on how to build your own LARP equipment.

GFK Kernstab eckig - not in Stock
from 3,49 EUR
GFK Kernstab rund - not in Stock
from 3,49 EUR
Kevlar Spitzen- und Knaufsicherung
4,90 EUR
Kevlar Verstärkungsstreifen
4,90 EUR
Schaumstoff EVA - momentan nicht lieferbar
from 12,90 EUR
Schaumstoff universal - nicht lieferbar
from 6,90 EUR
Starterkit Larpwaffenbau
49,90 EUR
Waffenlatex Natur
from 7,90 EUR
Waffenlatex schwarz
from 7,90 EUR