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This site is supposed to answer your questions and also to give you an impression on what we do and how. If your question is not answered below, send an email to support@freyhand.com


Orders, shipping and organizational

How can I contact you?

The easiest way to contact us is via email: support@freyhand.com
Other possibilities are listed on our contact page.


When will I get my invoice?

As far as you order products in our online-shop, you will get your invoice automatically. For custom works, we will send you an invoice as soon as we have started to built your order.


Do I have to prepay for custom works?

No, we don’t take partial payment. You will get an invoice with the total amount when we have started to build your order. You’ll have to settle the invoice before we send out your weapon.


Will you draw a sketch of my custom weapon in advance?

No, we do not draw sketches, as it takes a lot of time we would rather invest in building your weapon. Therefore it is especially important that you fill out our briefing very thoroughly. You will find it on the custom works page. However, it is possible to receive a photo of the model, to make sure the design is going the way you like it.  Just ask us!


Do you also ship to countries other than Germany?

Yes we ship to countries all over the world. However the shipping costs are sometimes ridiculously high, unfortunately.


What are the shipping costs?

The shipping costs will be displayed in the shopping basket. Furthermore you can find a list on the site “Purchase and shipping”.


What do I do, if I do not like my custom weapon?

First of all this would be a real pity, as we are trying very hard to understand what you really want. Should you not be pleased with your custom weapon send us an email, so that we can sort out the problem and find a solution together.


My weapon got damaged, what should I do now?

In this case you should also send an email to our support @ freyhand.com. Ideally with an additional photo and a description of how the damage came to be. Then we will check out if we can repair or change the weapon and the respective costs.


 Consistency, manufacture and durability of Freyhand weapons


How durable are the Freyhand weapons?

We are taking great efforts to make our LARP weapons as robust as possible. Nevertheless the durability is limited. If you respect the basic treatment and maintenance suggestions you should be happy with your Freyhand weapon for a long time.

1. No direct sunlight. Of course you can use your weapons in summer, that does not destroy them. Nevertheless UV radiation does not only age your skin but the one of your weapons as well, slowly but steadily. Generally you should not leave your weapon lying in the blazing sunlight, the latex might blister.

2. Do not stick it behind your belt. Get yourself a suitable weapon holder. If you stick it behind your belt the material will be strained and possibly damaged.

3. Do not leave it standing on the tip. Better place the pommel on the ground. Otherwise the tip will be bent and the material might be damaged.

4. Do not hit the sword breakers on the spaulders of chaos knights like a berserker! This will definitely lead to trouble in and out of game. So do not try to hit sharp, edgy or rectangular items with brute force. The latex, the foam or even the flexible fibreglass core might get damaged.

5. Do not put any other things on top of your weapon. The foam might get deformed irreversibly.

6. Do not let your weapon touch any solvent-containing materials. The protective coating might get damaged. This also applies to glue, varnish etc.


How do you make the Freyhand weapons?

All Freyhand weapons are hand made with love and care in Hamburg, Germany. The weapon is built up with different kinds of foam around a fibreglass core, then it is glued, cut, soldered and sanded. The model gets sprayed with several layers of latex, is hand painted and then covered with a special protective coating. Then the weapons are treated with Talcum or weapon oil, to prevent the surface from sticking. In the end the handle is wrapped with leather.
By the way: Regularly most of our handles are weighted with lead, to give them a better balance.


How do I maintain my weapon best?

1. Try to respect our suggestions in the paragraph “How durable are the Freyhand weapons”.

2. Treat your weapon either with talcum or weapon oil. Oil has the advantage of keeping the protective coating flexible.

3. Additionally you may polish the sturdy upper leather on your handle with a cotton rag.


How safe are the Freyhand weapons (tip protection etc.) ?

We wrap the fibreglass cores of our weapons with Kevlar from bullet-proof vests at both ends. This way the core can not pierce the foam later. Axe blades for example are reinforced with Kevlar as well.
Our spears are designed for light stabbing. The bending point is located several centimetres above the end of the fibreglass rod. Nevertheless be careful and do not drive it hard against anybody.



Information on our Latex weapons

Here you will find some more Information on our weapons:

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