Freyhand Larp clothing


What is special about Freyhand LARP clothing?

• made of certified organic cotton
• thoroughly developed cuts
• made for LARP and action
• great price-performance ratio
• fairly traded and produced

Our clothes are specially made for LARP. That means, they fit really well, are robust and leave you lots of freedom for movement and action. To go even further, we have decided to use organic cotton for our clothing from now on. All participants profit from this decision as its production causes a lot less pollution. The fabrics are specially woven for us and shipped to our sewing shop. They are processed in a small family enterprise in Pakistan, that we are closely connected too. This way we can keep all processes around our products very transparent. It is our motivation to become price-performance winner. Therefore we are constantly improving our products to offer you the best prices for the best quality.


What does organic cotton mean for Freyhand?

Our cotton fabrics are made of GOTS certified cotton yarns for us. This is more costly than conventional cotton, but it makes sure that the cotton comes from organic farming. This means less pollutants and natural seeds. Amongst other things it also prevents the use of genetically modified cotton seeds. We are making responsible decisions for the products we offer you. For you, for us, for our hobby.

Your Freyhand Crew


Most popular organic cotton clothing


Gambeson Greifenfels
119,90 EUR
Padded coif Eisenbrück
19,90 EUR
Doublet Wolfenwacht
99,90 EUR
Gambeson Sturmeck
69,90 EUR
Gambeson Donnergrund
99,90 EUR
Padded collar Rabenfurth
19,90 EUR
Gambeson Rabenfurth
99,90 EUR
Iva cape, cotton, black
24,90 EUR
Iva Cape, cotton, brown
24,90 EUR
Carum Cape, cotton, black
39,90 EUR
Carum Cape, cotton, brown
39,90 EUR
Galanthus hooded cloak, cotton, black
59,90 EUR
Galanthus hooded cloak, cotton, brown
59,90 EUR
Lamium trousers, black
from 29,90 EUR
Lamium trousers, brown
from 29,90 EUR
Laburnum LARP tunic, black
from 39,90 EUR
Lonicera LARP shirt, cream
from 24,90 EUR