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We and our weapons

We have concerned ourselves with manufacturing LARP weapons of any type for many, many years. We have tried all kinds of techniques, some were refined and some were recombined by us. The result of those years of testing are pretty, durable and very combatively LARP weapons. It is very important for us that our equipment and especially the foam weapons suit the needs of LARPers perfectly. We have been testing this ourselves for many years and are proud of our work. LARP weapons are sports gear, pieces of art and objects of utility that are worn off over time. We are taking great care to make them as durable as possible for you but this effort is simply limited by your treatment of the weapon. We are happy if you appreciate our work by treating your weapons with some love and respect. Every single piece is hand made by us. If you keep that in mind you will be happy with your Freyhand weapon for a very long time.



As core material for our weapons with a length over 50 cm we use fibreglass rods, that are reinforced with Kevlar at the ends. We use different types of foam to adapt each area of the weapon to its specific requirements. This makes our weapons especially durable, good to handle and their impact hurts less. The foam is covered by a thick layer of latex. Then the weapon is painted by hand. Finally it is covered with a transparent special coating. The handle is weighted with lead and wrapped with high quality leather.



What does that mean?
Simple: These weapons are made of two different types of foam. The materials have been chosen and used to gain the maximum from their advantages.

  • Blade – EVA foam:
    The blade is made of a very durable, flexible foam that is „soft to the enemy“. This way fighting remains a pleasure for both sides, as it is easier not to hurt your co-players.
  • Handle- Poly-Urethane foam:
    Hilt and pommel are moulded as one piece with a very tear-resistent, robust material. The handle feels good and is also very durable.
  • Balanced like the real thing:
    Our Hybrid-Weapons are extremely well balanced and really „battle-loving“. If you hold one in your hand you will know what is meant.
  • Great price:
    Due to the special way of production we can offer those weapons at a great price-performance ratio. They are not only long lived and high quality but also inexpensive. What could a fighter want more?

Our product range will be expanded continuously, we will keep you up to date via Facebook and our online-shop…


Freyhand spear tips

The special construction of our spears prevents the tip from bending at the end of the fibre rod. This way this specially dangerous area is kept safe and the spear is much more durable. This structure even allows some careful “stabbing”. Although we only mean pretended stabbing as otherwise too much pressure would impact the tip and the opponent could be injured due to increased leverage. So please be very careful when fighting with pole arms.



Please treat your weapons with some care, this way they will persist for a long time. We offer a special oil that helps you to protect the coating of your weapon. Every time you put away your weapon, make sure it is not bent or squashed between other things otherwise the foam might be irreversibly damaged. Direct exposure to sunlight may cause the latex to blister. So do not leave it in the blazing sun in front of your tent or in the back of your car!