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A few words about the production of our leather goods


All leather products from our range are handmade from quality leather in our shop in Germany.

We put great emphasis on low pollutant materials and buy our hides from responsible European companies only. The upper leather we use is vegetable tanned. As a natural product, it is subject to slight variations e.g. in the surface texture. That is, Freyhand leather products can sometimes bear some testimony to the life of the animal the skin comes from. In other words: Slight irregularities in the surface do not represent a decrease in quality.

Our leather is dyed by hand. Since we buy natural-coloured skins and then dye the product ourselves, the colour may vary to a certain extent. This is due to the natural color of the skins, as they may come in different shades of white, yellow and pink. Also, Freyhand leather products appear slightly mottled. This is a conscious decision. We think the somewhat iridescent look that comes with a slightly uneven colouration adds to the character of the product. The result is that e.g. our black is not deep black, but appears in shades of dark anthracite to deep black (which is why it is called “coal”).

In the last step, we apply an antique finish to products of upper leather . This provides for more colour brilliance and depth.

Some of our scabbards are cured with natural waxes. This results in the leather colour of the cured parts being much darker than parts not hardened with wax.

Wax hardened leather parts tend to frost over with a milky film. This is perfectly natural and can easily be rubbed off with a soft cotton cloth. With careful wiping, Freyhand leather products, whether be waxed or not, can be polished to an attractive satin gloss.

Why our leather goods are not cheap


Many cheap leather goods in LARP are made in India, Pakistan and other countries of the Far East. Naturally the labour costs in Germany are much higher, but still we decided to produce our leather goods here exclusively. For us the conditions under which these products are produced elsewhere for extremely low costs, seem unacceptable.

Nummerous sources document the questionable circumstances of the leather processing industry. Conditions for workers, the environment and animals can be striking and leather from such sources is often contaminated with pollutants above authorized limits. That’s why  we source our leather from a German wholesaler who himself buys only in Europe. Here, contrary to other parts of the world, the conditions for tanneries are acceptable.

If you are interested in the subject matter, search for “poison leather” in a search engine of your choice. There is a great amount of information on the subject to be found. Look it up in your language!

Caring for Freyhand leather products


Like with all other leather goods, it your Freyhand leather products benfit from being greased regularly. We recommend that you treat your leather goods with leather grease or leather oils. Using fat or oil, the colour may slightly darken.

It should be avoided to dampen or wet leather goods. Water may permanently stain the leather, particularly if it hasn’t been sufficiently greased in advance. Avoid storing away wet leather goods, as leather can quickly start foxing (mildew).

With prolonged use, leather tends to soften, especially in places that experience a lot of movement.

With good treatment you will have years of pleasure with your leather products.


Our tip:  Don’t store your LARP sword in a leather sheath. It can get bruised. Furthermore especially LARP swords, that are kept inside of sheaths, should be treated well with silicone oil!