In our gallery you can get a good overview about what we did so far. It might be useful for you to get an impression of what is possible. Take a look, get inspired and be creative!

New Custom works in the gallery

Serial weapons

Here you see our standard range of weapons that are available on short call. Due to the serial production we can offer those weapons at lower prices. Nevertheless they are made as thoroughly and carefully as our customs.


Here you see a choice of our specials and custom works. Some we just built for fun, others have been designed according to guidelines from our customers.

 Custom Larp axes


Custom Larp battle hammers

Custom Larp swords


Custom polearms


Custom magical weapons

Custom Larp maces


Custom Larp two handed weapons


Custom Larp knifes and daggers


Post Apocalypse/Science Fiction


This and that


Custom Larp shields

This is a selection of shields we have made. Usually they are made of foam covered with latex and a protective coating. It is also possible to cover the shields with a layer of fabric before Latex is applied. This makes it more durable and adds a special “touch” to the surface.


Props and walking acts

This gallery shows some of our other projects, like walking acts and decorations.