Knives & projectiles

Knives and daggers are often used as decorative costume accessory. Also it is always a good thing to have a knife close at hand. The one who has his weapon ready in a confusing situation might be the winner of the fight. Our short knives are made without a fibre core but with a flexible inlay. Thus they can be used effectively in close combat and not only for decoration.

All our projectiles are built without a fibreglass core. They are made of extremely durable high-performance PU-foam which makes them super long-lasting and robust. Just the right thing for  thieves, orcs and sneaky rogues.

Arved Jagdmesser
39,90 EUR
David Bowie Messer
29,90 EUR
Finni Forelle
29,90 EUR
Jeff Messer
24,90 EUR
Kunai Wurfdolch
from 12,90 EUR
Rasso Wurfdolch
from 12,90 EUR
Rasso Wurfdolch, rostig
from 14,90 EUR
Sam Wurfdolch
from 9,90 EUR
from 7,90 EUR
Stan Messer
19,90 EUR