Large weapons

Large weapons are best suitable for heavily armoured fighters in LARP battles. They can deal a lot of damage but are a little weak on the defensive side. According to most rule books, large weapons can destroy shields. This is very effective and builds up a lot of pressure in battles with shield walls. Fighters with large weapons are well liked comrades-in-arms but also fierce foes.

Our large weapons have a 16mm fibre core inside so they do not wobble and can be controlled very well. The handle is weighted with lead band for best balance. Thus they just feel good in your hands!

If you carry a large weapon you should always have an additional smaller weapon by your side to be prepared for all eventualities.

Erik Hammer, zweihand
219,90 EUR
Olaf Axt, zweihand
159,90 EUR
Rupert Axt, zweihand
149,90 EUR
Theodor Streitkolben, zweihand
179,90 EUR
Wulfgar Doppelaxt, zweihand
219,90 EUR
Wulfgar Streitaxt, zweihand
169,90 EUR