Ben throwing dagger

Ben throwing dagger
Ben throwing dagger

Ben throwing dagger

A pretty little throwing knife with some nice decorations at the handle. It fits inside every boot and is a handy accessory for thieves, assassins or scouts.
It might not be a deadly weapon but with some precision you can turn down a spell of a casting mage or curb somebody in full swing.

Carrying a whole range of them on a shoulder belt gives you a truly dangerous look and you also have them ready at hand at all times.


This weapon is made of an extra durable PU foam, that is also super soft and bouncy. It does not have a fiberglass rod and no extra weights inside.

You can get it separately and in sets of three or ten.


23 cm
High performance PU foam, hockey tape


9,90 EUR
(incl. 19,00% VAT plus. Shipping and handling)

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