Betula knife sheath

Betula knife sheath
Betula knife sheath
Betula knife sheath
Betula knife sheath

Betula knife sheath

A simple, high-quality leather sheath for LARP knives. A really beautiful, accessory that completes the style of various costume ideas in LARP.

The sheath is made to fit our Arved hunting knife, other blades should meat the following measurements to be suitable:
Max. Length: 29,5 cm
Max. circumference:  10 cm
Narrowing towards the tip: from 22 cm

Each Freyhand leather product is handcrafted, therefore there might be slight variations in colour and appearance. For further information on maintenance and manufacturing, click here:
Freyhand leather goods

Our tip:  Don’t store your LARP sword in a leather sheath. It can get bruised. Furthermore especially LARP swords, that are kept inside of sheaths, should be treated well with Freyhand weapon oil!


32 cm
Wood, mahogany, coal
Loop fitting for belts up to 5 cm
6,5 cm
2 cm


39,90 EUR
(incl. 19,00% VAT plus. Shipping and handling)

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