Gambeson Donnergrund

Gambeson Donnergrund, black
Gambeson Donnergrund, black
Gambeson Donnergrund, black

Gambeson Donnergrund, black

This gambeson has the thickest padding of our range of padded armour. It has a diamond shaped stitching and four decorative leather fasteners with an antique brass coloured buckle. It can well be combined with collars and spaulders. Due to its thick padding it also offers a certain protection from injury in LARP battles. Worn without armour it is a very becoming and warm upper garment, fitting for many character concepts. It is available starting from size XS, thus it is also suitable for girls and women.  We like it for example in combination with a simple underdress and a broad belt.

What size is right for me?
up to 90 cm chest or waist size – XS,
up to 95 cm chest or waist size – S,
up to 102 cm chest or waist size – M,
up to 110 cm chest or waist size – L,
up to 120 cm chest or waist size – XL,
up to 128 cm chest or waist size – XXL
If your waist is broader then your chest, please take this measurement as base for your decision!

Measuring tape symbol
Take a look at the measurement instructions

If should have any further requests for modification to your gambeson, it will be no problem for us!

  • small changes like shorten sleeves, collar o length: 50 €
  • bigger changes like widen the circumference (waist, arms) : starting from 100 €
  • Get in contact with us via , we will make an individual offer for you!

For further information on our clothes and why we use -cotton, take a look here ->


Outer fabric: 55% linnen / 45% Viscose, lining fabric: 100% cotton, padding: 100% Polyester
Black, black lining


99,90 EUR
(incl. 19,00% VAT plus. Shipping and handling)

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