Gambeson Rabenfurth

Gambeson Rabenfurth, nature
Gambeson Rabenfurth, nature
Gambeson Rabenfurth, nature

Gambeson Rabenfurth, nature

A knee-long, lightly padded coat with straight stitching. Due to its flat fastening it is suitable to be worn underneath a chainmail shirt or a cuirass. The stand-up collar protects the throat from bruises. Its long  sleeves are well suited for a long sleeved chainmail shirt or one with short sleeves and additional bracers. The sleeves are attached relatively far inside, which makes them especially moveable.
A useful companion for various fighter characters, be it knights, knaves, soldiers or mercenaries.

What size is right for me?
up to 90 cm chest or waist size – XS,
up to 95 cm chest or waist size – S,
up to 102 cm chest or waist size – M,
up to 110 cm chest or waist size – L,
up to 120 cm chest or waist size – XL,
up to 128 cm chest or waist size – XXL
If your waist is broader then your chest, please take this measurement as base for your decision!

Measuring tape symbol
Take a look at the measurement instructions

If should have any further requests for modification to your gambeson, it will be no problem for us!

  • small changes like shorten sleeves, collar o length: 50 €
  • bigger changes like widen the circumference (waist, arms) : starting from 100 €
  • Get in contact with us via , we will make an individual offer for you!

For further information on our clothes and why we use -cotton, take a look here ->


Outer fabric: 55% linnen / 45% Viscose, lining fabric: 100% cotton, padding: 100% Polyester
Nature, white lining


99,90 EUR
(incl. 19,00% VAT plus. Shipping and handling)

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