Greifenfels Gambeson, nature

Greifenfels Gambeson, nature
Greifenfels Gambeson, nature

Greifenfels Gambeson, nature

This elegantly tailored jacket makes just everybody look good. The torso is moderately padded, the sleeves only lightly for a better movability. The hand made fabric buttons are a real eye-catcher and give this garment a historical look. The slim fit cut is very becoming for the wearer. For the lady knights among you we would definitely recommend this model.
Of course it can be combined with plate armour, like spaulders, cuirass and collar. A chainmail shirt however should rather not be worn over it, due to the buttons. For this the Rabenfurth or the Donnergrund versions are more suitable.
A really becoming costume piece, that fits various characters from knight to soldier.

What size is right for me?
up to 90 cm chest or waist size – XS,
up to 95 cm chest or waist size – S,
up to 102 cm chest or waist size – M,
up to 110 cm chest or waist size – L,
up to 120 cm chest or waist size – XL,
up to 128 cm chest or waist size – XXL
If your waist is broader then your chest, please take this measurement as base for your decision!

Measuring tape symbol
Take a look at the measurement instructions

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Outer fabric: 55% linnen / 45% Viscose, lining fabric: 100% cotton, padding: 100% Polyester
Nature, white lining


119,90 EUR
(incl. 19,00% VAT plus. Shipping and handling)

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