Kalle throwing dagger

Kalle throwing dagger
Kalle throwing dagger

Kalle throwing dagger

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A simple throwing knife for mean attacks in an ambush or a surprise strike for defense. It suits all kinds of characters in LARP especially thieves, pirates or mercenaries for example. If you wear a whole lot of them on a cross belt you firstly look really menacing and secondly you have  the weapon always right at hand. Due to its flat form, it can also be used as a boot knife.

This weapon is made of an extra durable PU foam, that is also super soft and bouncy. It does not have a fiberglass rod and no extra weights inside.

You can get it separately and in sets of three or ten.


29 cm
High performance PU foam, hockey tape


9,90 EUR
(incl. 19,00% VAT plus. Shipping and handling)

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