Khaya bandage role, black

Khaya bandage role, black
Khaya bandage role, black
Khaya bandage role, black

Khaya bandage role, black

A handy item for transporting bandages close at hand. The role is attached to a belt with two loops on the back. When the tie is loosened the role opens up and the bandages can be taken out. The bandages themselves are tied to the inside of the bag with a draw string, to prevent them from falling out. Besides that bandages at every size can be kept inside the role without problems.
A useful accessory for every healer in LARP.
The normale role contains three longer (about 2,5 m) and three shorter (about 1,5 m) bandages. The large role 5 longer and 5 shorter bandages.

By the way: our bandages have quite a few qualities that normal ones don´t, which could be quite annoying in the past:
1. The end of the bandage has two laces that can be wrapped around it and prevent it from unrolling inside your bag.
2. Those laces can also be used to fix the bandage on the patient. No need for clips or tearing any more.
3. The are washable. The edges of our bandages have been seamed so that they can not unravel the way it often happens with normal bandages.
4. They are long enough!

But don´t forget to pack in some spare bandages for refill. We have them in our shop at a bundle price.


Width: 14 cm, length: 50 cm/ 78 cm height: 7 cm


19,90 EUR
(incl. 19,00% VAT plus. Shipping and handling)

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