Oswald spear

Oswald spear
Oswald spear
Oswald spear
Oswald spear

Oswald spear

The “Oswald spear” is a polearm. This LARP weapon is a flexible armament able to turn even an unarmoured wayfarer into a respectable opponent. Its superior range keeps adversaries at a distance and protects you from enemy strikes. Freyhand spears are equipped with a built-in safety-tip for extra security allowing for “gentle stabbing”. Polearms can be unwieldy and not suited for every situation. For even better protection you should consider keeping an additional weapon on your adventurers belt.

All pictures are examples. With your purchase you will get a weapon that is very similar to the one displayed. As all our weapons are hand made, slight differences are inevitable. This makes every piece unique.

For more information on the manufacture and care taking of our LARP weapons, please click here:

Freyhand Larp weapons



foam, latex, fibreglass, leather
metal, woodbrown
159,90 EUR
(incl. 19,00% VAT plus. Shipping and handling)

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