Padded collar Rabenfurth

Padded collar Rabenfurth
Padded collar Rabenfurth

Padded collar Rabenfurth

A lightly padded, slim-fit collar with an unobtrusive fastening. It is well suitable as padding underneath a bevor or a chainmail shirt. Even when worn without armour it is a very becoming addition to many clothes like a tunic or a robe. Due to its slim measures it also suits very well for girls and women. A variable accessory for different character classes like for example mercenaries, soldiers or knaves.
As a jacket we recommend our Gambeson „Sturmeck“ to it.
This collar will fit for all persons up to a neck circumference of 45 cm, if your throat is wider, we recommend our padded collar “Donnergrund”.

For further information on our clothes and why we use organic-cotton, take a look here ->


Outer/lining fabric: 100% cotton, padding: 100% Polyester, leather
Onesize (up to 45 cm neck circumference)
Black, white lining
Front length ca. 16cm, back length ca. 18cm
19,90 EUR
(incl. 19,00% VAT plus. Shipping and handling)

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