Sven longsword

Sven longsword
Sven longsword
Sven longsword
Sven longsword
Sven longsword

Sven longsword

A really beautiful longsword with a cloud-shaped pommel. The broad braided patterns around the hilt and the pommel give it a very elaborate look. It has a rather broad blood groove and a short straight hilt. It suits best for nordic or viking style characters.


What do we mean by Hybrid-Foam-Weapons?
Simple: These weapons are made of two different types of foam. The materials have been chosen and used to gain the maximum from their advantages.

  • Blade – EVA foam:
    The blade is made of a very durable, flexible foam that is „soft towards the enemy“. This way fighting keeps being fun for both sides and painful hits are kept to a minimum.
  • Handle- Poly-Urethane foam:
    Hilt and pommel are moulded as one piece in a very tear-resistent, robust material. The handle has a good feel to it and is also very durable.
  • Balanced like the real thing:
    Our Hybrid-Weapons are extremely well balanced and very „thrilled for battle“. You will know what we mean by that, if you hold one in your hands.
  • Great price:
    Due to the special way of production we can offer these weapons at a great price-performance ratio. They are not only long lived high quality products but also inexpensive. What more could a fighter want?


All pictures are examples. With your purchase you will get a weapon that is very similar to the one displayed. As all our weapons are hand made slight differences are inevitable. This makes every piece unique. For more information on the manufacture and care taking of our LARP weapons, please click here:

Freyhand Larp weapons


95 cm
EVA foam, Poly-Urethan foam, fiberglas, latex, leather
Handle: 10 cm Blade: 77 cm


Choose your color:
89,90 EUR
(incl. 19,00% VAT plus. Shipping and handling)

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