Ulex leather gloves, brown

Ulex leather gloves, brown
Ulex leather gloves, brown

Ulex leather gloves, brown

These pretty leather gloves are made of soft cow hide. They are robust but also flexible and pleasing to wear. They have slightly longer cuffs that cover the wrist. This does not only look good, but also offers some protection for this sensitive spot.
Actually, we recommend wearing gloves for every fighter.  Hits on the fingers can easily cause unpleasant injuries and this will quikly limit your fun.
The style of these gloves fits many kinds of character concepts in fantasy LARP. The small brass buckle at the wrist is a nice eyecatcher and completes the look of these gloves perfectly.

Size check of our gloves:

  • Size S equals sizes 7-8
  • Size M equals sizes 9-10
  • Size L equals sizes 10-11


Suede leather
S, M, L
Total length: 30 cm (Size M)


34,90 EUR
(incl. 19,00% VAT plus. Shipping and handling)

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