Ushak dagger

Ushak dagger
Ushak dagger

Ushak dagger

A fierce looking, jagged dagger with a rough wooden handle. It is great for orcs and other villains. Together with our Ushak blade or shortsword it makes up a nice set for dark creatures.

The dagger has a flexible inlay, that bends easily – which is what we call stab-safe. This is specially designed to act out knife-attacks in LARP. The blade itself however is stabile enough and does not wobble and only bends if necessary.

For more information on the manufacture and care taking of our LARP weapons, please click here: Freyhand LARP weapons



30 cm
High performance PU foam, fibreglas, latex
29,90 EUR
(incl. 19,00% VAT plus. Shipping and handling)

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