Our Weapon-Care-Spray is the perfect care product for latex weapons.
The silicone keeps the surface of your LARP weapon smooth and prevents latex and coating from rubbing off on weapon holders and sword sheaths.

Taking thorough care of your equipment can immensely prolong its life!
Attention! Please do not:

– leave your weapon out in the blazing sun
– leave it standing on the tip
– stick it behind your belt
– leave it lying in the wet grass
– put other objects on top (this can irreversibly deform the foam)

Waffenpflege leicht gemacht… Weapon care made easy…

Anstelle des bewährten Freyhand Waffenöls gibt es jetzt das neue Freyhand Weapon-Care-Spray. Ganz einfach zu dosieren und sparsam im Verbrauch.https://www.freyhand.com/de/blog/produkte/weapon-care-spray/Instead of the reliable Freyhand Weapon oil we now offer the new Freyhand Weapon-Care-Spray. Easy to apply and economical in use. https://www.freyhand.com/en/produkte/weapon-care-spray/

Gepostet von Freyhand am Montag, 2. Juli 2018


50 ml / 250 ml


Choose the size of the bottle:
6,90 EUR
(incl. 19,00% VAT plus. Shipping and handling)

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