Zombie throwing knife

Zombie throwing knife
Zombie throwing knife
Zombie throwing knife

Zombie throwing knife

Similar to the Shuriken, these throwing knifes are also tools for pros. Sure, every hillbilly can throw a knife… but to kill with it efficiently is something only specialists know how to do. Due to their moderate size you can carry quite a bunch of them inside every jacket, pants or bag… this way you always have one more right at hand.

The motto is: There is always one more…

All pictures are examples. With your purchase you will get a weapon that is very similar to the one displayed. As all our weapons are hand painted, slight differences are inevitable. This makes every piece unique. For more information on the manufacture and care taking of our LARP weapons, please click here:
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29 cm
High performance foam
5,5 cm
9,90 EUR
(incl. 19,00% VAT plus. Shipping and handling)

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