Here you see our range of LARP shields. They come in various sizes and shapes and for every budget.
They either have a centered grip or a pair of high-quality leather handles.
The wooden shields have a texture, that looks very realistic and the strongly shaped relief even feels like it. All in all they look as if they were made of rough and sturdy wood planks and have a great rustic style.
In almost all shields the back is fully detailed, which is something we put great emphasize on, as a shield is often an important part of a whole costume.

As an additional option you can order a back carrier strap. Besides we also offer to paint all our shields with your special colors or emblems. The price depends on the motive. In our gallery you will find lots of great examples.

Kite shield with fabric covering, medium
Length: 80 cm
from 79,90 EUR
Kite shield with fabric covering, large
Length: 110 cm
99,90 EUR
Wappenschild mit Stoffoberfläche, klein
from 49,90 EUR
Robb kleiner Wappenschild
59,90 EUR
Gerard Normannen Schild
from 229,90 EUR
Magnus Turmschild
from 169,90 EUR
Quentin großer Kriegsschild
from 189,90 EUR
Quentin Wappenschild, mittel
from 149,90 EUR
Bodo Rundschild, groß
from 99,90 EUR
Bodo Rundschild, mittel
from 79,90 EUR
Tormund Rundschild
from 189,90 EUR
Leif Rundschild, groß
from 139,90 EUR
Leif Rundschild, mittel
from 109,90 EUR
Kilian Holzschild, groß
from 139,90 EUR
Kilian Holzschild, mittel
from 119,90 EUR
Till Buckler
49,90 EUR
Rolf Rundschild klein
49,90 EUR
Reinhart Schild
79,90 EUR
Oskar Buckler
49,90 EUR