These are our unique weapons. They are not part of our standard range and all of them are one of a kind. When a particular weapon is sold, it is no longer available. It is possible that we build several weapons of the same type or to rebuilt are particular piece. We do not guarantee complete exclusivity even though the attribute “unique” might imply just that. You buy the item you see on the picture, exceptions and additional information will be mentioned in the product description.

Quarterstaff with fittings
Length: 140 cm
139,90 EUR
Club with spikes
Length: 88 cm
109,90 EUR
Length: 97 cm
249,90 EUR
Rustic axe
Length: 65 cm
89,90 EUR
Axe with punched holes
Length: 98 cm
149,90 EUR
Fierce saber
Length: 100 cm
119,90 EUR
Orkish shield
Length: 100 cm
289,90 EUR
Kitchen set with hatchet
39,90 EUR
Round shield, blue-gold
Length: 60 cm
from 389,90 EUR
Tree trunk
Length: 180 cm
549,90 EUR
gryphon staff
Length: 173cm
390,00 EUR