Treasure Chest

Welcome inside the Freyhand Treasure-Chest. Here we present a colorful medley of unique items: specialties from our different workshops, all kinds of interesting finds and reduced products that Professor Kraken has denied further accomodation. It pays off to have an eye on what is happening here.
Have lots of fun browsing through this category.

Sword set Ulfberth
Length: 95 cm
280,00 EUR
Main gauche 3
Length: 55 cm
90,00 EUR
Postapocalyptic lance
Length: 130 cm
250,00 EUR
Targe with linen cover
Length: 77 cm
180,00 EUR
Breastplate for veterans 2
350,00 EUR
Breatsplate for veterans
350,00 EUR
Longsword, notched
Length: 95 cm
65,00 EUR
Scilla Gugel, brown
20,00 EUR
Scilla Gugel, black
20,00 EUR
Gambeson with suede leather trimming
130,00 EUR
Simple padded collar
15,00 EUR
Suede leather collar
45,00 EUR
Tilia decorated beltbag
55,00 EUR
Gryphon staff
Length: 173cm
390,00 EUR