Weapon Sets

It´s always nice to have the matching sheath for a beautiful weapon. This does not only look good but also protects the weapon from damage, for example from falling on it.
Therefore we have assembled some pretty sets of our swords and knives and the matching sheaths at reduced prices.

Set Stan with leather sheath Stachys
39,90 EUR
Set David with leather sheath Borago
59,90 EUR
Set Jeff with leather sheath Betula
59,90 EUR
Set Heinrich
59,90 EUR
Set Parzival with leather sheath Carlina
59,90 EUR
Set Robin with leather sheath Carlina
59,90 EUR
Set Albin with leather sheath Paeonia
59,90 EUR
Set Ragnar, dagger
69,90 EUR
Set David with letaher sheath Aronia
69,90 EUR
Set Lutz
69,90 EUR
Set Arved
69,90 EUR
Set Rolf with blade
74,90 EUR
Set Rolf with short sword
84,90 EUR
Set Ragnar
99,90 EUR
Set Edwyn, short
149,90 EUR
Set Raoul, short
159,90 EUR
Set Edwyn
169,90 EUR
Set Thomas, short
179,90 EUR
Set Raoul
179,90 EUR
Set Thomas
199,90 EUR