Weapons for orcs and villains



Here you see a selection of our weapons for Orcs, rogues and other dark and evil characters. These weapons have been designed a little more rough. The surface looks quite rugged and they have one or the other scratch from long years of neglect and rough use.
As most of the time this type of characters show up as NPCs, we have held the price of these weapons as low as possible. This way they can be a welcome add-on to every pool and you can have an adequate weapon ready for every occasion.

Rasso throwing dagger, rusty
Length: 27 cm
from 14,90 EUR
Azrael blade
Length: 55 cm
from 29,90 EUR
Ushak blade
Length: 57 cm
from 29,90 EUR
Azrael dagger
Length: 40 cm
29,90 EUR
Ushak dagger
Length: 30 cm
29,90 EUR
Ushak shortsword
Length: 80 cm
from 39,90 EUR
Vladimir Machete
Length: 75 cm
49,90 EUR
Wulfgar battle axe
Length: 85cm
89,90 EUR