Xmas Specials

Celebrate Christmas with Freyhand!

At the Freyhand company Christmas preparations have started. Professor Kraken and the Mad Squids are busy packing presents and bringing them under the tree.

Here is a compilation of our products that are especially attractive for Christmas. We were able to reduce their prices and have done good preparatory work, to be able to deliver them before Christmas Eve.

Our last European shipment that CAN (depending on the reliability of the delivery service) arrive in time before Christmas will leave at Monday 17th December. So do not hesitate too long with your order so you don´t run out of time!

All offers will be available until January 6, 2019.
We wish you lots of fun with Xmas-shopping your Freyhand Crew!

50 copper coins in a pouch
11,70 EUR
Azrael blade
Length: 55 cm
from 26,90 EUR
Calendula bandage
from 2,25 EUR
Eisenbrück set of padded greaves and bracers, black
39,90 EUR
Eisenbrück set of padded greaves and bracers, linen
39,90 EUR
Eisenbrück, padded coif, linen
17,90 EUR
Galanthus hooded cloak, wool, black
69,90 EUR
Gerd axe, long
Length: 85 cm
79,90 EUR
Gerd axe, short
Length: 65 cm
69,90 EUR
Khaya bandage role, black
from 17,90 EUR
Khaya bandage role, linen
from 19,90 EUR
Lonicera shirt, linen
from 26,90 EUR
Lutz Bauernwehr
Length: 60 cm
35,90 EUR
Oskar buckler
44,90 EUR
Parzival blade
Length: 56 cm
from 26,90 EUR
Ragnar Sax
Length: 60 cm
35,90 EUR
Robin blade
Length: 60 cm
from 26,90 EUR
Robin shortsword
Length: 75 cm
from 35,90 EUR
Set Heinrich
53,90 EUR
Set Lutz
62,90 EUR
Set Ragnar
89,90 EUR
Set Thomas
179,90 EUR
Thuja bandage belt, black
13,50 EUR
Thuja bandage belt, linen
13,50 EUR
Tilia belt pocket, large
53,90 EUR
Tilia belt pocket, small
35,90 EUR
Tulipa gugel, wool, black
29,90 EUR
Zombie hatchet
Length: 38 cm
26,90 EUR