Zombie Survival Hardware

Zombie survival hardware - LARP weapons for the zombie apocalypseThe Zombie Apocalypse has come!
Hardly any normal person has pistols or guns at home. Therefore: Grab the fiercest tools your household has to offer and kill them all. From hammer to machete, here you will find the right items to split, smash and cut zombie heads. Good luck out there, we will meet again, when it´s all over!
You are a fan of “The walking dead”,”Resident evil” or similar movies and serials? You would like to enjoy the thrill yourself? You are eager to feel what it´s like to be a survivor, hunted by zombies and constantly on the run? With some other courages people by your side you can experience just that at the events of Lost Ideas: https://www.zombie-larp.de. Warmly recommended by the Freyhand crew!


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